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2016 Job Market Candidates

Placement Director:
Stephen Redding
Placement Assistant:
Laura Hedden


NOTE: All of our 2016 job market candidates have been placed. Please revisit the site after October 23 for a list of our 2017 candidates.

Job Market Candidate Summary Sheet

SeHyoun Ahn [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: macroeconomics, finance
Paper Title: House Prices, Credit Constraints and Home Ownership over the Lifecycle
References: Ben Moll, Greg Kaplan, Thomas Winberry

Cristian Alonso [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: macroeconomics
Paper Title: Cutting Back on Labor Intensive Goods? Implications for Fiscal Stimulus
References: Greg Kaplan, Mark Aguiar, Ezra Oberfield

Kyle Chauvin [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: microeconomic theory, behavioral economics
Paper Title: Attribution Error and Discrimination in Games
References: Sylvain Chassang, Faruk Gul, Roland Bénabou

Daniel Goetz [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: industrial organization, applied microeconomics
Paper Title: Competition and Dynamic Bargaining in the Broadband Industry
References: Jan De Loecker, Bo Honoré, Jakub Kastl

Matthieu Gomez [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: finance, macroeconomics
Paper Title: The Dynamics of Asset Prices and Inequality
References: Motohiro Yogo, Atif Mian, Wei Xiong, Valentin Haddad

Nikhil Gupta [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: development economics, applied theory
Paper Title: Does Limited Contraceptive Access Slow Fertility Decline in Africa?
References: Tom Vogl, Thomas Fujiwara, Sylvain Chassang

Sungki Hong [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: macroeconomics, international macroeconomics, industrial organization
Paper Title: Customer Capital, Markup Cyclicality, and Amplification
References: Oleg Itskhoki, Richard Rogerson, Jakub Kastl, Mark Aguiar

Zongbo Huang [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: corporate finance, banking, financial economics
Paper Title: Managing Bank Run Risk: The Perils of Discretion
References: Markus Brunnermeier, Wei Xiong, Stephen Morris

Alexander Jakobsen [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: microeconomic theory, decision theory, behavioral economics
Paper Title: Dynamic (In)Consistency and the Value of Information
References: Faruk Gul, Wolfgang Pesendorfer, Stephen Morris

John Klopfer [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: labor economics, public economics, behavioral economics
Paper Title: Should School Spending Matter? Unpacking the Causal Chain from School Inputs through Student and Family Investments
References: Ilyana Kuziemko, Chris Neilson, Will Dobbie

So Kubota [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: macroeconomics, labor economics, monetary economics
Paper Title: Child Care Costs and Stagnating Female Labor Force Participation in the US
References: Richard Rogerson, Mark Aguiar, Nobuhiro Kiyotaki, Marc Fleurbaey

Andres Maggi [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: international trade, economic geography
Paper Title: The Impact of Productivity Growth in China on the Brazilian Economy
References: Stephen Redding, Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Gene Grossman, Harvey Rosen

Caitlin McGugan [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: development economics, public health
Paper Title: Evaluating Interventions for the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV: Evidence from Africa
References: Anne Case, Ilyana Kuziemko, Thomas Fujiwara

Ishita Rajani [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: development economics, political economy, health economics
Paper Title: Are Public Funds Used to Maintain Ruling Coalitions? Evidence from India
References: Thomas Fujiwara, Ilyana Kuziemko, Tom Vogl

Alexander Rodnyansky [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: international finance, macroeconomics, finance
Paper Title: (Un)competitive Devaluations and Firm Dynamics: Evidence from Abenomics; The Effects of Quantitative Easing on Bank Lending Behavior
References: Mark Aguiar, Markus Brunnermeier, Mikhail Golosov, Oleg Itskhoki, Motohiro Yogo

Ilhan Sezer *15 [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: political economy, microeconomic theory
Paper Title: Turnout, Polarization and Duverger’s Law Linked with Altruism
References: Faruk Gul, Stephen Morris, Sylvain Chassang

C. Kai Steverson *15 [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: economic theory, mechanism design, neuroeconomics
Paper Title: Screening Through Coordination
References: Faruk Gul, Stephen Morris, Adam Brandenburger, Paul Glimcher

Chang Sun [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: international trade
Paper Title: Factor-biased Multinational Production
References: Stephen Redding, Gene Grossman, Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Ezra Oberfield

Alejandro Van der Ghote [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: macroeconomics, monetary economics
Paper Title: Coordinating Monetary and Financial Regulatory Policies
References: Nobuhiro Kiyotaki, Markus Brunnermeier, Oleg Itskhoki

Yulong Wang [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: econometrics
Paper Title: Inference in the Threshold Model
References: Ulrich Mueller, Bo Honoré, Mark Watson

Justin Weidner [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: macroeconomics, labor economics
Paper Title: Does Student Debt Reduce Earnings?
References: Greg Kaplan, Richard Rogerson, Mark Aguiar

Jung Eun Yoon [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: macroeconomics, development economics
Paper Title: Misallocation in a Model with Endogenous Managerial Capital and Credit Constraints
References: Richard Rogerson, Ben Moll, Mark Aguiar

Yu Zhang [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: macroeconomics, finance, housing
Paper Title: Liquidity Constraints, Transition Dynamics, and the Chinese Housing Return Premium
References: Richard Rogerson, Wei Xiong, Motohiro Yogo, Ben Moll

Chen Zhao [cv] [webpage]
Research Interests: microeconomic theory, decision theory
Paper Title: Pseudo-Bayesian Updating
References: Faruk Gul, Wolfgang Pesendorfer, Dilip Abreu