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march 2017

29mar12:30 pm- 1:20 pmPedram Heydari

30mar1:30 pm- 2:50 pmPietro Tebaldi, University of ChicagoJoint with CHW/RPDS

30mar2:45 pm- 4:00 pmTibor Heumann Epstein, Yale University"An Ascending Auction with Multidimensional Signals"

april 2017

3apr12:15 pm- 1:15 pmIoannis Branikas

3apr4:30 pm- 6:00 pmMotohiro YogoDepartment Wide Seminar

5apr12:30 pm- 1:20 pmGabriel Buchbinder

5apr12:30 pm- 1:20 pmFranz Ostrizek"Arguing for the sake of argument"

10apr12:15 pm- 1:15 pmMingyu Chen

10apr4:15 pm- 5:45 pmDaron Acemoglu, MITMacro/International Macro / Labor

11apr12:45 pm- 2:00 pmLarbi Alaoui, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

12apr12:30 pm- 1:20 pmElia Sartori

12apr12:30 pm- 1:30 pmCharles Louis-Sidois

12apr6:00 pm- 7:30 pmMikkel Plagborg-Moller, Harvard University

13apr1:30 pm- 2:50 pmMatt Backus, Columbia UniversityTBA

13apr2:45 pm- 4:00 pmSanjeev Goyal, University of Cambridge"The Strategy of Conquest"

18apr12:45 pm- 2:00 pmRicardo Perez-Truglia, UCLA

19apr12:30 pm- 1:20 pmJosue Figueroa"Bonuses for Failure"

19apr4:30 pm- 6:00 pmChristian Wolf

20apr1:30 pm- 2:50 pmJesse Shapiro, Brown UniversityTBA

20apr2:45 pm- 4:00 pmLeonardo Pejsachowicz, Ecole Polytechnic

20apr4:15 pm- 5:45 pmFrancis Kramarz, CREST-ENSAETBA

24apr12:15 pm- 1:15 pmAnna Chorniy and Kathleen Hu

25apr12:45 pm- 2:00 pmStefan Penczynski, University of Mannheim

26apr12:30 pm- 1:20 pmBenjamin Young

26apr4:30 pm- 6:00 pmPaul Ho

27apr1:30 pm- 2:50 pmJean-Francois Houde, Cornell UniversityJoint with CHW/RPDS

27apr2:45 pm- 4:00 pmEmir Kamenica, Chicago Booth School of Business

27apr4:30 pm- 6:00 pmJaume Ventura, CREI"Globalization and Governments"

may 2017

1may12:15 pm- 1:15 pmFederico Huneeus

2may12:45 pm- 2:00 pmDavid Laibson, Harvard University

3may12:30 pm- 1:20 pmKyle Chauvin

3may4:30 pm- 6:00 pmAndrei Zeleneev

4may2:45 pm- 4:00 pmJuan Ortner, Boston University"Collusion in Auctions with Constrained Bids: Theory and Evidence from Public Procurement"

4may4:15 pm- 5:45 pmAndrei Levchenko, University of MichiganTBA

8may12:15 pm- 1:15 pmMolly Schnell

11may12:15 pm- 1:15 pmDan Goetz and Terry Moon