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Professor Smita Brunnermeier advises course selection for all juniors and seniors in the Economics Department.  She will sign the course Add/Drop, Cognate Approval, Transfer Credit, Study Abroad, and Withdrawal forms.

Add/Drop forms without an ECO (or cognate) course do NOT require a signature for submission to the Registrar.

For students who require only a signature, please leave forms in the Inbox outside Professor Brunnermeier’s Office in 343 Wallace Hall.

Note: Queries regarding the Program in Political Economy should be directed to the Political Economy Advisor, Professor Thomas Fujiwara. Queries regarding the Undergraduate Certificate in Finance should be directed to the Finance Representative, Professor Martin Cherkes.  Queries regarding senior thesis should be directed to Professor Bo Honore and queries about Junior Independent Work should be directed to Professor Alicia Adsera

Comments/Suggestions on Departmental Policies

You can direct these to any member of the Undergraduate Liaison Committee.

Send Questions to Noelina Hall