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The department is pleased to announce the official launch of VoxChina.org . VoxChina is an independent, non-partisan and nonprofit platform we initiated with the support from a group of experienced and accomplished economists serving on the Advisory Board and the Editorial Board, and, in particular, with the Bendheim Center for Finance as one of its institutional sponsors.The mission of VoxChina is to be the bridge on economic issues between China and the rest of the world by providing informed analysis on the state of the Chinese economy and insights for reform challenges facing China today, and by analyzing the impact of the development in the rest of the world economies on China.

VoxChina aims to fulfill its mission mainly by propagating and promoting research-based policy analysis on Chinese economic issues, including both impacts of the world economy on China and the Chinese economy on the world.

More details of VoxChina.org can be found here.

Please visit VoxChina.org to read the first batch of articles that cover diverse and important topics related to the Chinese economy.


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