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202002nov4:15 pm5:30 pmPablo Ottonello, University of Michigan"The Micro Anatomy of Macro Consumption Adjustments"Series:Macro/International Macro

202003nov2:40 pm4:00 pmDmitry Arkhangelsky, CEMFI"Double-Robust Identification for Causal Panel Data Models" (joint with Guido Imbens)Series:Oskar Morgenstern Memorial Seminar

202004nov12:30 pm1:30 pmDan McGee“Emergence of Stereotypes Under Group Competition”Series:Microeconomic Theory Student Lunch Seminar

202005nov1:30 pm2:50 pmKate Ho, Professor of EconomicsSeries:Industrial Organization

202005nov2:45 pm4:00 pmBrett Green, Washington University in St. Louis"Due Diligence"Series:Microeconomic Theory

202005nov4:15 pm5:45 amSebastian Sotelo, University of Michigan, IES Kenen Fellow, 2020-2021MIGRATION, SPECIALIZATION, AND TRADE: EVIDENCE FROM THE BRAZILIAN MARCH TO THE WESTSeries:International Trade Seminar

202006nov11:00 am12:00 pmLuther Yap"Bias-Aware Inference in Regression Kink Designs"Series:Econometrics Student Seminar

202010nov12:45 pm2:00 pmNed Augenblick, Associate Professor, UC Berkeley: Haas BusinessSeries:Behavioral Economics

202010nov2:40 pm4:00 pmDaniel Wilhelm, University College London"Inference for Ranks with Applications to Mobility across Neighborhoods and Academic Achievement across Countries"Series:Oskar Morgenstern Memorial Seminar

202011nov12:30 pm1:30 pmJesse Silbert"Efficiency and Power in a Discrete Labor Market”Series:Microeconomic Theory Student Lunch Seminar

202011nov12:30 pm1:30 pmHenry Zhao"Belief-Based Disease Equilibria"Series:Microeconomic Theory Student Lunch Seminar

202012nov1:30 pm2:50 pmChris Neilson, Assistant Professor of EconomicsSeries:Industrial Organization

202012nov2:45 pm4:00 pmEvgenii Safonov, Princeton University PhD Candidate"Framing and Ambiguity"Series:Microeconomic Theory

202012nov4:15 pm5:45 pmGiovanni Maggi, Yale UniversityInternational Climate Agreements and the Scream of GretaSeries:International Trade Seminar

202013nov11:00 am12:00 pmAbhishek GauravSeries:Econometrics Student Seminar

202016nov12:15 pm1:30 pmMichael Elsby, University of Edinburgh“Infrequent Wage Adjustment and Unemployment Dynamics”Series:Macro/International Macro

202018nov12:30 pm1:30 pmMu Zhang“A Theory of Choice Bracketing”Series:Microeconomic Theory Student Lunch Seminar

202019nov4:15 pm5:45 pmMathilde Le Moigne, University of ZurichEXPLORING THE "FISSURED WORKPLACE:" INTERNAL JOB LADDERS' FRAGMENTATION AND ITS EFFECTS ON PLANTS AND WORKERSSeries:International Trade Seminar

202023nov4:15 pm5:30 pmMarianna Kudlyak, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco"Job-Finding and Job-Losing: A Comprehensive Model of Heterogeneous Individual Labor-Market Dynamics"Series:Macro/International Macro

202024nov12:45 pm2:00 pmPellumb Reshidi, PhD Candidate, Princeton UniversitySeries:Behavioral Economics

202030nov4:15 pm5:30 pmSimon Mongey, University of Chicago"Unbundling Labor" Series:Macro/International Macro


202002dec12:30 pm1:30 pmAndrew Ferdowsian"Designing a Housing Market, Evidence from Singapore"Series:Microeconomic Theory Student Lunch Seminar

202002dec12:30 pm1:30 pmKirill Rudov"Searching by Trial and Error with Correlated Sources"Series:Microeconomic Theory Student Lunch Seminar

202003dec2:45 pm4:00 pmParth Parihar, Princeton University PhD Candidate“Policy Decay and the Determinants of Gridlock”Series:Microeconomic Theory

202003dec4:15 pm5:45 pmMichael Peters, Yale UniversityEuropean Immigrants and the United States' Rise to the Technological FrontierSeries:International Trade Seminar

202004dec11:00 am12:00 pmMatias CattaneoSeries:Econometrics Student Seminar

202007dec4:15 pm5:30 pmNicolas Fernandez-Arias, Princeton University PhD Candidate"Endogenous Growth with Employee Spinouts and Noncompete Agreements"Series:Macro/International Macro

202008dec12:45 pm2:00 pmJawwad Noor, Assoc. Professor of Economics, Boston UniversitySeries:Behavioral Economics

202010dec2:45 pm4:00 pmRui Tang, Princeton University PhD CandidateSeries:Microeconomic Theory

202011dec11:00 am12:00 pmDake LiSeries:Econometrics Student Seminar

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