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202002oct1:20 pm2:35 pmCavit Baran, PhD CandidateThe Rise of Agricultural Pesticides and Long-Term Health Effects in the United StatesSeries:Industrial Relations

202005oct1:20 pm2:35 pmElisa Jácome, PhD CandidateSeries:Industrial Relations

202019oct1:20 pm2:35 pmDamon Jones, University of ChicagoSeries:Industrial Relations

202026oct1:20 pm2:35 pmSara Heller, University of MichiganPredicting and Preventing Gun Violence: An Experimental Evaluation of READI ChicagoSeries:Industrial Relations


202002nov1:20 pm2:35 pmMassimo Anelli, Bocconi UniversityGeographic sorting and aversion to breaking rulesSeries:Industrial Relations

202009nov1:20 pm2:35 pmSimon Jäger, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySeries:Industrial Relations

202023nov1:20 pm2:35 pmLinh T. Tô, Boston UniversitySeries:Industrial Relations

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