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202001oct2:45 pm4:00 pmAniko Oery, Yale University"Aiming for the goal: contribution dynamics of crowdfunding " (joint with Joyee Deb and Kevin Williams)Series:Microeconomic Theory

202008oct2:45 pm4:00 pmYingni Guo, Northwestern University"Early-Career Discrimination: Spiraling or Self-Correcting?"Series:Microeconomic Theory

202015oct2:45 pm4:00 pmAaron Kolb, Indiana University"Signaling with Private Monitoring"Series:Microeconomic Theory

202022oct2:45 pm4:00 pmFlorian Brandl"Belief-Averaged Relative Utilitarianism"Series:Microeconomic Theory

202029oct2:45 pm4:00 pmNicole Immorlica, Microsoft Research"Information Acquisition in Matching Markets: The Role of Price Discovery"Series:Microeconomic Theory


202005nov2:45 pm4:00 pmBrett Green, Washington University in St. Louis"Due Diligence"Series:Microeconomic Theory

202012nov2:45 pm4:00 pmEvgenii Safonov, Princeton University PhD Candidate"Framing and Ambiguity"Series:Microeconomic Theory


202003dec2:45 pm4:00 pmParth Parihar, Princeton University PhD CandidateSeries:Microeconomic Theory

202010dec2:45 pm4:00 pmRui Tang, Princeton University PhD CandidateSeries:Microeconomic Theory

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