2018 Job Market Candidates

Our 2018 Job Market Candidates have all been placed. A list of 2019 Job Market Candidates will be posted in Late October.

Placement Director:
Stephen Redding
Placement Assistant:
Laura Hedden


Job Market Candidate Summary Sheet

Postdoctoral Candidates and Lateral Moves

Joshua Bernstein [cv] [webpage] jmsb@princeton.edu
Research Interests: macroeconomics, public finance
Paper Title: A Model of the Asymmetric Transmission of Aggregate Shocks
References: Mikhail Golosov, Mark Aguiar, Gianluca Violante

Jessica Brown [cv] [webpage] jbrown2@princeton.edu
Research Interests: public economics, labor economics
Paper Title: Does Public Pre-K Have Unintended Consequences on the Child Care Market for Infants and Toddlers?
References: Alan Krueger, Leah BoustanWill Dobbie

Gabriel Buchbinder [cv] [webpage] gb5@princeton.edu
Research Interests: applied microeconomic theory, industrial organization, finance
Paper Title: Local Measures of Investor Attention using Google Searches
References: Stephen Morris, Faruk Gul, Jakub Kastl, Wei Xiong

Mingyu Chen [cv] [webpage] mingyuc@princeton.edu
Research Interests: labor economics, economics of education
Paper Title: The Value of US College Degrees in Foreign Labor Markets: Experimental Evidence from China
References: Henry Farber, Leah Boustan, Will Dobbie

David Cho [cv] [webpage] davidcho@princeton.edu
Research Interests: labor economics, public economics, macroeconomics
Paper Title: The Labor Market Effects of Demand Shocks: Firm-Level Evidence from the Recovery Act
References: Alan Krueger, Alexandre Mas, Richard Rogerson

Michael Dobrew [cv] [webpage] mdobrew@princeton.edu
Research Interests: macroeconomics, monetary economics, international macro, banking
Paper Title: (Dis-)Aggregate Consumption and Monetary Policy
References: Atif Mian, Mark Aguiar, Oleg Itskhoki

Liyu Dou [cv] [webpage] ldou@princeton.edu
Research Interests: econometrics, applied econometrics, industrial organization
Paper Title: Optimal HAR Inference
References: Ulrich Mueller, Mark Watson, Michal Kolesar

Josue Figueroa [cv] [webpage] josuef@princeton.edu
Research Interests: microeconomic theory, game theory, behavioral economics
Paper Title: Failure Bonuses
References: Stephen Morris, Sofia Moroni, Can Urgun

Julia Fonseca [cv] [webpage] juliaff@princeton.edu
Research Interests: corporate finance, household finance, macroeconomics
Paper Title: Financial Development, Labor Markets, and Aggregate Productivity: Evidence from Brazil
References: Atif Mian, Motohiro YogoMark AguiarWill Dobbie

Paul Ho [cv] [webpage] pho@princeton.edu
Research Interests: macroeconomics, econometrics
Paper Titles: Global Robust Bayesian Analysis in Large Models; Estimating the Effect of Demographics on Interest Rates: A Robust Bayesian Perspective
References: Mark Watson, Christopher Sims, Jaroslav Borovicka

Federico Huneeus [cv] [webpage] fhuneeus@princeton.edu
Research Interests: macroeconomics, international trade
Paper Title: Production Network Dynamics and the Propagation of Micro Shocks
References: Richard Rogerson, Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Gene Grossman, Atif Mian, Christopher Neilson

Andrew Langan [cv] [webpage] alangan@princeton.edu
Research Interests: labor, education, economics of gender, household economics
Paper Title: Female Managers and Gender Disparities: The Case of Academic Department Chairs
References: Alexandre Mas, Leah Boustan, David Lee,

Kazushige Matsuda [cv] [webpage] km11@princeton.edu
Research Interests: macroeconomics, labor economics
Paper Title: Optimal Timing of College Subsidies: Enrollment, Graduation, and the Skill Premium
References: Richard RogersonGianluca Violante, Nobuhiro Kiyotaki

Steven Mello [cv] [webpage] smello@princeton.edu
Research Interests: labor economics, public economics
Paper Title: Speed Trap or Poverty Trap? Fines, Fees and Financial Wellbeing
References: Alexandre Mas, Ilyana Kuziemko, Will Dobbie

Fernando Mendo [cv] [webpage] fmendo@princeton.edu
Research Interests: macroeconomics, finance, monetary economics, international economics
Paper Title: Risk to Control Risk
References: Markus Brunnermeier, Nobuhiro KiyotakiMark Aguiar

Terry Moon [cv] [webpage] smmoon@princeton.edu
Research Interests: public economics, corporate finance
Paper Title: Capital Gains Taxes and Real Corporate Investment
References: Henrik Kleven, Alexandre Mas, Jakub Kastl, Owen Zidar, David Schoenherr

Elia Sartori [cv] [webpage] esartori@princeton.edu
Research Interests: market design, applied micro, information economics, labor economics
Paper Title: Competitive Provision of Digital Goods
References: Stephen Morris, Faruk Gul, Wolfgang Pesendorfer

Donghwa Shin [cv] [webpage] donghwa@princeton.edu
Research Interests: financial innovation and fintech, empirical asset pricing, consumer finance
Paper Title: Extrapolation and Complexity
References: Wei Xiong, Motohiro Yogo, Jakub Kastl