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september 2018

19sep12:30 pm1:15 pmMu Zhang"Market Design and Walrasian Equilibrium" (joint with Faruk Gul and Wolfgang Pesendorfer)

20sep2:45 pm4:00 pmMihai Manea, Stony Brook University"Bottleneck Links, Essential Intermediaries, and Competing Paths of Diffusion in Networks”

20sep4:15 pm5:45 pmYuhei Miyauchi, Boston UniversityMatching and Agglomeration: Theory and Evidence from Japanese Firm-to-Firm Trade

24sep4:15 pm5:45 pmLoukas Karabarbounis, University of MinnesotaInferring Inequality with Home Production

24sep4:30 pm6:00 pmCesi Cruz, UBCSocial Fragmentation, Electoral Competition and Public Goods Provision

25sep4:30 pm6:00 pmGlen Weyl, MicrosoftRadical Markets Book Talk

26sep12:30 pm1:15 pmRui Tang"Maxmin Implementation" (joint with Mu Zhang)

27sep2:45 pm4:00 pmPaul Milgrom, Stanford GSB"Defrred-Acceptance Clock Auctions and Radio Spectrum Reallocation"

27sep4:15 pm5:45 pmTreb Allen, Dartmouth CollegeBorder Walls

october 2018

01oct12:15 pm1:15 pmLeon Mussolf

01oct4:30 pm6:00 pmGeorgy Egorov, Northwestern University

02oct12:45 pm2:00 pmNicola Lacetera, University of Toronto, MississaugaJoint with CHW/RPDS

03oct12:15 pm1:30 pmMichael Kremer, Harvard University

03oct12:30 pm1:15 pmElia Sartori"Competition in Digital Good Markets"

04oct1:30 pm2:50 pmAlessandro Gavazza, LSE

04oct2:45 pm4:00 pmNicolas Lambert, Stanford GSB"Dynamic Belief Elicitation"

04oct4:15 pm5:45 pmRafael Dix Carnerio, Duke UniversityTrade and Informality in the Presence of Labor Market Frictions and Regulations

08oct12:15 pm1:15 pmDonghwa Shin

08oct4:15 pm5:45 pmSebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, University of MarylandInternational Spillovers and Local Credit Cycles

09oct12:45 pm2:00 pmSevgi Yuksel, University of California, Santa Barbara

09oct4:30 pm6:00 pmAshoka Mody, Princeton UniversityBook Talk: EuroTragedy: A Drama in Nine Acts

10oct12:15 pm1:30 pmEmily Breza, Harvard University

10oct12:30 pm1:15 pmMu Zhang"Preference for Simplicity" (joint with Rui Tang)

11oct2:45 pm4:00 pmEfe Ok, NYU

11oct4:15 pm5:45 pmPol Antras, Harvard UniversityTBA

15oct12:15 pm1:15 pmTerry Moon

15oct4:30 pm6:00 pmSteven Callander, Stanford University

15oct4:30 pm6:00 pm2018 Simpson Lecture - Chad Jones, Stanford UniversityThe Future of Economic Growth

16oct12:45 pm2:00 pmBotond Köszegi, Central European UniversityBrowsing versus Studying: A Pro-Market Case for Regulation

17oct12:15 pm1:30 pmAmitabh Chandra, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

17oct12:30 pm1:15 pmDenis Shishkin

18oct1:30 pm2:50 pmIsabelle Perrigne, Rice University

18oct2:45 pm4:00 pmBalazs Szentes, London School of Economics

18oct4:15 pm5:45 pmKirill Borusyak, University College LondonThe Distributional Effects of Trade: Theory and Evidence from the United States

22oct4:30 pm6:00 pmGerard Padro-i-Miquel, Yale University

23oct12:45 pm2:00 pmMira Frick, Yale University

24oct12:15 pm1:45 pmAnna Chorniy, Princeton University

24oct12:30 pm1:15 pmParth Parihar"Third-Party Competition in the U.S., 1840-1924"

24oct12:30 pm1:15 pmLasse Mononen

24oct2:50 pm4:00 pmChris Palmer, MIT Sloan

25oct1:30 pm2:50 pmAviv Nevo, University of Pennsylvania

25oct2:45 pm4:00 pmSofia Moroni, University of Pittsburgh visiting Princeton

25oct4:15 pm5:45 pmThierry Mayer, Sciences PoTBA

november 2018

05nov12:15 pm1:15 pmAna Luiza Dutra

05nov4:15 pm5:45 pmErik Hurst, Chicago Booth

05nov4:30 pm6:00 pmSergio Montero, University of Rochester

06nov12:45 pm2:00 pmAndrew Schotter, New York University

07nov12:30 pm1:15 pmEvgenii Safonov

08nov1:30 pm2:50 pmMargaux Iuflade, University of Pennsylvania

08nov2:45 pm4:00 pmMira Frick, Yale University visiting Princeton

08nov4:15 pm5:45 pmMike Waugh, NYU SternTBA

12nov12:15 pm1:15 pmFernanda Sobrino

12nov4:15 pm5:45 pmPaul Ho, Princeton University PhD Candidate

14nov12:30 pm1:15 pmFranz Ostrizek

15nov4:30 pm6:00 pmGianluca ViolanteDepartment Wide Seminar

19nov12:15 pm1:15 pmCharis Katsiardis

19nov1:15 pm2:30 pmDavid Chan, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR)

19nov4:15 pm5:45 pmKazushige Matsuda, Princeton University PhD Candidate

20nov12:45 pm2:00 pmErik Eyster, University of California, Santa Barbara

26nov12:15 pm1:15 pmBruno Baranek

26nov4:15 pm5:45 pmDavid Baqaee, LSE

27nov12:45 pm2:00 pmRani Spiegler, Tel Aviv University

28nov12:15 pm1:30 pmDan Zeltzer, Tel Aviv University