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march 2018

15mar4:15 pm5:45 pmLorenzo Caliendo, Yale UniversityGoods and Factor Market Integration: A Quantitative Assessment of the EU Enlargement

15mar2:45 pm4:00 pmAlessandro Bonatti, Massachusetts Institute of Technology"Ratings-Based Price Discrimination"

15mar1:30 pm2:50 pmMatthew Weinberg, Drexel University, visiting Princeton (2017-2018)Any Willing Provider and Negotiated Pharmaceutical Prices

14mar4:30 pm6:00 pmPaul Ho"Global Robust Bayesian Analysis in Large Models"

14mar12:30 pm1:15 pmElia Sartori/Franz Ostrizek"Transparency and Information Acquisition"

13mar12:45 pm2:00 pmAlistair Wilson, University of PittsburghDynamic adverse selection in the lab: Evidence for equilibrium solution concepts with boundedly rational expectations

12mar4:15 pm5:30 pmKerwin Charles, University of Chicago

12mar2:40 pm4:10 pmEmi Nakamura, Columbia UniversityWomen, Wealth Effects, and Slow Recoveries

12mar12:15 pm1:15 pmKathleen Hu

08mar4:15 pm5:45 pmCecilia Fieler, University of PennsylvaniaEscaping Import Competition and Downstream Tariffs

08mar2:45 pm4:00 pmRonny Razin, London School of Economics"Persuasion with Correlation Neglect" (Joint with Behavioral Seminar)

08mar2:45 pm4:00 pmRonny Razin, London School of Economics"Persuasion with Correlation Neglect" (Joint with Microeconomic Theory Seminar; held during their regular seminar slot)

07mar12:30 pm1:15 pmRui Tang"Coarse Revealed Preference"

07mar12:15 pm1:30 pmManisha Shah, UCLACrimes against Mortality: Unintended Consequences of Criminalizing Sex Work

05mar4:15 pm5:30 pmOwen Zidar, Princeton UniversityWho Profits from Patents? Rent-sharing at Innovative Firms

05mar2:40 pm4:10 pmJonathan Heathcote, Federal Reserve Bank of MinneapolisCollege Tuition and Income Inequality

05mar12:15 pm1:15 pmIoannis Branikas

01mar4:15 pm5:45 pmRebecca Diamond, Stanford GSBThe Effects of Rent Control Expansion on Tenants, Landlords, and Inequality: Evidence from San Francisco

february 2018

28feb12:30 pm1:15 pmJoseph Abadi"Blockchain Economics"

26feb2:40 pm4:10 pmGabriel Chodorow-Reich, HarvardThe Limited Macroeconomic Effects of Unemployment Benefit Extensions

26feb12:15 pm1:15 pmStefano Baratuche

22feb(feb 22)4:15 pm23(feb 23)5:45 pmNo IES Seminar - Globalization ConferenceClick for More Information on the Globalization Conference

22feb2:45 pm4:00 pmDavid Dillenberger, University of Pennsylvania (Visiting Princeton, 2017-2018)Joint with Microeconomic Theory Seminar; held during their regular seminar slot.

22feb2:45 pm4:00 pmDavid Dillenberger, University of Pennsylvania (Visiting Princeton)"Additive-Belief-Based Preferences" (Joint with Behavioral Seminar)

22feb1:30 pm2:50 pmKevin Williams, Yale School of Management

21feb12:30 pm1:15 pmFranz Ostrizek"Decision Design: Screening with Frames"

20feb2:40 pm4:00 pmGiorgio Primiceri, Northwestern University"Economic Predictions with Big Data: The Illusion of Sparsity"

20feb12:45 pm2:00 pmIgnacio Esponda, University of California, Santa Barbara"Contingent Preferences and the Sure-Thing Principle: Revisiting Classic Anomalies in the Laboratory" (Joint with Behavioral Seminar; Held during their regular seminar slot)

20feb12:45 pm2:00 pmIgnacio Esponda, University of California, Santa BarbaraJoint with Microeconomic Theory Seminar

19feb4:15 pm5:45 pmCostas Meghir, YaleMarriage, Labor Supply and the Dynamics of the Social Safety Net

19feb2:40 pm4:10 pmUfuk Akcigit, University of Chicago"Innovation and Trade Policy in a Globalized World"

19feb12:15 pm1:15 pmAdam Kapor

15feb4:15 pm5:45 pmJohannes Boehm, Sciences POInput Capabilities and the Direction of Product Adoption

14feb12:15 pm1:30 pmVictoria BaranovMaternal Depression, Parenting Behaviors and Child Development: Evidence from a Large Randomized Control Trial

12feb4:15 pm5:30 pmEric Chyn, University of VirginiaMoved to Opportunity: The Long-Run Effect of Public Housing Demolition on Children

12feb2:40 pm4:10 pmBenjamin Faber, BerkeleyE-Commerce Integration and Economic Development: Evidence from China

12feb2:40 pm4:10 pmBenjamin Faber, UC Berkeley

12feb12:15 pm1:15 pmPaper Discussion“Can Health Insurance Competition Work? Evidence from Medicare Advantage”

07feb12:15 pm1:45 pmDaniel WaldingerTargeting In-Kind Transfers Through Market Design: A Revealed Preference Analysis of Public Housing Allocation

05feb12:15 pm1:45 pmLaura BlattnerWhen Losses Turn into Loans: The Cost of Undercapitalized Banks

january 2018

26jan10:30 am12:00 pmHeather SarsonsInterpreting Signals in the Labor Market: Evidence from Medical Referrals

25jan10:30 am12:00 pmRaffaele SaggioThe Effects of Partial Employment Protection Reforms: Evidence from Italy

24jan10:30 am12:00 pmKilian HuberDisentangling the Effects of a Banking Crisis: Evidence from German Firms and Counties

23jan10:30 am12:00 pmTitan AlonEarning More by Doing Less: Human Capital Specialization and the College Wage Premium

22jan10:30 am12:00 pmNatalia RigolTargeting High Ability Entrepreneurs Using Community Information: Mechanism Design in The Field

19jan10:30 am12:30 pmJann SpiessOptimal Estimation when Researcher and Social Preferences are Misaligned

18jan10:30 am12:00 pmXiaosheng MuDynamic Information Acquisition from Multiple Sources

17jan10:30 am12:00 pmVictor DuarteSectoral Reallocation and Endogenous Risk-Aversion: Solving Macro-Finance Models with Machine Learning

16jan10:30 am12:00 pmHarry PeiReputation Effects under Interdependent Values

12jan10:30 am12:00 pmDavid YangThe Impact of Media Censorship: Evidence from a Field Experiment in China

11jan10:30 am12:00 pmDavid ArgenteProduct Life Cycle, Learning, and Nominal Shocks

10jan10:30 am12:00 pmAlonso de GortariDisentangling Global Value Chains

09jan10:30 am12:00 pmTitan AlonEarning More by Doing Less: Human Capital Specialization and the College Wage Premium

09jan10:30 am12:00 pmLudwig Straub“Consumption, Savings, and the Distribution of Permanent Income”

08jan10:30 am12:00 pmAndrew McClellanExperimentation and Approval Mechanisms

december 2017

18dec2:40 pm4:10 pmSergii Kiiashko, Princeton University PhD Candidate"Government Debt Maturity Structure, Fiscal Policy and Default"

14dec4:15 pm5:45 pmMatthew Grant, Stanford University, IES Fellow 2017-2018Why Special Economic Zones? Using Trade Policy to Discriminate Across Importers

14dec1:30 pm2:50 pmNikhil Agarwal, MIT

13dec4:30 pm6:00 pmLiyu Dou

13dec12:15 pm1:30 pmMarianne Bertrand, University of ChicagoJoint with CHW/RPDS - **Will be held during CHW/RPDS regular seminar slot**