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29sep2:40 pm4:00 pmGustav Sigurdsson, Princeton"Auctions as Mechanisms: An Application to Bankruptcy Reorganization"Series:Microeconomic Theory

26sep2:40 pm4:10 pmRandall Wright, University of Pennsylvania"General Equilibrium with Nonconvexities, Sunspots and Money" Series:Macro/International Macro

22sep2:40 pm4:00 pmItzhak Gilboa, Tel-Aviv University"Empirical Similarity and Objective Probabilities"Series:Microeconomic Theory

20sep12:30 pm2:00 pmLuis Rayo, University of Chicago"Evolutionary Efficiency and Happiness"Series:Behavioral Economics

19sep2:40 pm4:10 pmMikhail Golosov, MIT"Markets Versus Governments: Political Economy of Mechanisms"'Series:Macro/International Macro


27oct2:40 pm4:00 pmTymon Tatur, Princeton"On An Evolutionary Model and An Equilibrium Concept"Series:Microeconomic Theory

25oct12:30 pm2:00 pmRani Spiegler, Tel Aviv University"Competition Over Agents with Boundedly Rational Expectations" Series:Behavioral Economics

24oct2:40 pm4:10 pmThomas Wu, Princeton University"Order Flow in the South: Anatomy of the Brazilian FX Market" Series:Macro/International Macro

13oct2:40 pm4:00 pmMehmet Ekmekci, Princeton University"Sustainable Reputations with Rating SystemsSeries:Microeconomic Theory

11oct12:30 pm2:00 pmDan Ariely, MIT"Large Stakes and Big Mistakes"Series:Behavioral Economics

10oct2:40 pm4:10 pmVasco Curdia, Princeton University"Monetary Policy under Sudden Stops"Series:Macro/International Macro

06oct2:40 pm4:00 pmDavid Levine, New York University"A Dual Self Model of Impulse Control"Series:Microeconomic Theory

04oct12:30 pm2:00 pmRead Montague, Baylor College of Medicine"Neural Substrates of Valuation in Social Exchange and Investment Games" Series:Behavioral Economics

03oct2:40 pm4:10 pmJordi Mondria, Princeton University"Financial Contagion and Attention Allocation"Series:Macro/International Macro


28nov2:40 pm4:10 pmXavier Gabaix, MIT"The Granular Origins of Aggregate Fluctuations" Series:Macro/International Macro

22nov12:30 pm2:00 pmJohn Smith, Princeton"Reputation, Social Identity and Social Conflict" Series:Behavioral Economics

21nov2:40 pm4:10 pmVincenzo Quadrini, University of Southern California "Financial Markets and Wages"Series:Macro/International Macro

17nov2:40 pm4:00 pmVijay Krishna, Pennsylvania State University"Auctions with Resale: Efficiency and Revenue"Series:Microeconomic Theory

10nov2:40 pm4:00 pmMacro Battaglini, Princeton"Inefficiency in Legislative Policy-Making: A Dynamic Analysis" Series:Microeconomic Theory

08nov12:30 pm2:00 pmMuriel Niederle, Stanford "Do Women Shy Away from Competition? Do Men Compete too Much?"Series:Behavioral Economics

07nov2:40 pm4:10 pmManuel Amador, Harvard"Optimal Fiscal Policy and Amplification in a Small Open Economy"Series:Macro/International Macro


15dec2:40 pm4:00 pmJohn Nash, Princeton"The Agencies Method for Modeling Coalitions and Cooperation in Games and Projected Continued Studies"Series:Microeconomic Theory

12dec2:40 pm4:10 pmJordi Gali, Pompeu Fabra "Real Wage Ridgidities and the New Keynesian Model"Series:Macro/International Macro

08dec2:40 pm4:00 pmAndrzej Skrzypacz, Stanford, GSB "Impossibility of Collusion under Imperfect Monitoring with Flexible Production"Series:Microeconomic Theory

06dec12:30 pm2:00 pmDan Silverman, University of Michigan“Other-Regarding Behavior: Theories and Evidence”Series:Behavioral Economics

05dec2:40 pm4:10 pmChristopher Sleet, Carnegie-Mellon"Social Credibility, Social Patience and Long Run Inequality"Series:Macro/International Macro

01dec2:40 pm4:00 pmSusan Athey, Stanford University"Collusion with Persistent Cost Shocks" Series:Microeconomic Theory




28feb12:30 pm2:00 pmDrazen Prelec, MIT Sloan School and IASTruthful answers are surprisingly common: Experimental tests of the Bayesian truth serum"Series:Behavioral Economics

27feb2:40 pm4:10 pmRobert Barro, Harvard"Rare Disasters and Asset Markets in the Twentieth Century"Series:Macro/International Macro

23feb2:40 pm4:00 pmBalazs Szentes, Chicago"An Evolutionary Approach Towards Time Preferences"Series:Microeconomic Theory

16feb2:40 pm4:00 pmRichard P. McLean, Rutgers"Implementation with Interdependent Valuations"Series:Microeconomic Theory

07feb12:30 pm2:00 pmShachar Kariv, UC Berkeley"Substantive and Procedural Rationality of Decisions under Uncertainty" Series:Behavioral Economics


30mar2:40 pm4:00 pmWilliam Zame, UCLA"Incentives, Contracts and Markets: A General Equilibrium Theory of Firms"Series:Microeconomic Theory

28mar12:30 pm2:00 pmJulio Rotemberg, Harvard Business School"Attitude-Dependent Altruism, Turnout and Voting"Series:Behavioral Economics

27mar2:40 pm4:10 pmSergio Rebelo, Northwestern "Can News About the Future Drive the Businesss Cycle?"Series:Macro/International Macro

16mar2:40 pm4:00 pmYeon-Koo Che, Columbia"How Should Property Rights Be Allocated?" Series:Microeconomic Theory

14mar12:30 pm2:00 pmErnst Fehr, University of Zurich"The Neural Basis of Norm Compliance and Norm Enforcement"Series:Behavioral Economics

13mar2:40 pm4:10 pmPhilippe Aghion, Harvard"Exploiting States' Mistakes to Identify the Causual Impact of Higher Education on Growth"Series:Macro/International Macro

09mar2:40 pm4:00 pmDrew Fudenberg, Harvard,"Topologies on Types" and "Interim Correlated Rationalizability"Series:Microeconomic Theory

09mar2:40 pm4:00 pmLeeat Yariv, California Institute of TechnologyNetwork GamesSeries:Microeconomic Theory

06mar2:40 pm4:10 pmPierre Olivier Gourinchas, UC Berkeley“An Equilibrium Model of ‘Global Imbalances’ and Low Interest Rates”Series:Macro/International Macro


27apr2:40 pm4:00 pmWilliam H. Sandholm, Wisconsin"Survival of Dominated Strategies under Evolutionary Dynamics"Series:Microeconomic Theory

25apr12:30 pm2:00 pmMarkus Brunnermeier and Jonathan Parker, Princeton"An Economic Model of the Planning Fallacy"Series:Behavioral Economics

24apr2:40 pm4:10 pmPaul Krugman, Princeton"Will There Be a Dollar Crisis?" Series:Macro/International Macro

20apr2:40 pm4:00 pmYuliy Sannikov, UC Berkeley"Agency Problems, Screening and Increasing Credit Lines"Series:Microeconomic Theory

17apr2:40 pm4:10 pmMick Devereux, University of British Columbia"A Portfolio Theory of International Capital Flows"Series:Macro/International Macro

13apr2:40 pm4:00 pmJawwad Noor, Boston University"Temptation, Welfare and Revealed Preference"Series:Microeconomic Theory

11apr12:30 pm2:00 pmTanya Rosenblat, Wesleyan University"Social Learning and Consumer Demand" Series:Behavioral Economics

10apr2:40 pm4:10 pmAlex Cukierman, Tel Aviv University"Wars, Redistribution and Civilian Federal Expenditures in the U.S. over the Twentieth Century"Series:Macro/International Macro

06apr2:40 pm4:00 pmIlya Segal, Stanford"The Communication Requirements of Social Choice Rules and Supporting Budget Sets"Series:Microeconomic Theory