No. Although the Milestone carries academic credit, it does not carry course credit, so it does not count toward the 31 (for AB) or 36 (for BSE) course credits required for graduation.

Yes, as long as each internship is at least six weeks long.

A student’s summer internship experience will be unaffected by the Internship Milestone Credit, and the Milestone will not influence how students list their work experiences on a resume. However, students whose employers require academic credit as a condition of the internship, or international students who wish to apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT), must apply for the Milestone Credit.

Juniors in the ECO department may submit an application to our undergraduate Program Manager, Christina Lipsky, at any time. Sophomores may apply immediately after declaring an ECO major in April. Applicants will be asked to demonstrate how the internship is related to the ECO curriculum and that they have successfully completed, or are currently enrolled in and on track to receive a grade of C or better in our pre-requisite courses.

Complete the Registrar’s application form and e-mail it to our Undergraduate Program Manager, Christina Lipsky, along with (1) proof that you meet departmental pre-requisites, (2) internship offer letter, and (3) job description.

Submit an internal transcript showing that you have earned a grade of C or better in ECO 100, ECO 101, MAT 175 or MAT 201, and ECO 202/ORF 245/POL 345 + POL 346. If you are using AP credit, submit a copy of MyTest Scores page from TigerHub. If you are currently enrolled in a pre-requisite course, submit proof of your midterm exam grade.

You will have to draw a clear connection between the proposed work and specific ECO course(s) on your application form. Unrelated internships (eg, sales, marketing, business plans, data analysis, or software programming that aren’t specifically applied to the economic curriculum) will not be approved.

The Milestone is available for internships that are directly related to a student’s concentration, and is awarded only by departments. Internships that are related to a certificate, but not a student’s concentration, are ineligible.

No. The Internship Milestone Credit is approved by the department, but does not require students to have individual faculty advisers.

No. The Milestone is necessary, but not sufficient, for F-1 Visa undergraduate students to receive CPT work authorization. After applying for the Internship Milestone Credit and receiving departmental approval, international students’ applications will be subject to additional review by the Davis International Center to ensure that it meets the requirements for CPT as set forth by the federal government.

The Milestone Credit will be awarded by your department at the conclusion of your internship and after you have submitted the required documentation to confirm that you completed your internship responsibilities. It will appear on your transcript sometime during the fall term. Your specific employer or internship title will not be listed on your transcript; rather, your transcript will include a line that says “Summer 2020: Internship Milestone Credit.”