Independent work is designed to afford concentrators the opportunity to identify and explore their research interests in depth. Students are expected to develop a carefully reasoned exposition that critically analyzes a problem using basic principles of economics. Juniors complete a yearlong research project, which consists of a research prospectus submitted in December and a final paper submitted in April.  The coordinator for the Junior Independent Work Program is Professor Kelly Noonan.

The Blackboard site for JIW (accessible to juniors in economics) contains more detailed and up-to-date information about JIW. In addition to the handbook and schedule, the site will include announcements, times and locations of meetings, materials from lectures and workshops, and info relevant for your particular advising group.  Most JIW-related meeting will meet on Mondays or Wednesday, from 3:00-4:20 p.m. Although there will not be meetings every week, juniors MUST keep this time slot on either Monday or Wednesday at this free of other commitments in the fall. You will not be excused from meetings due to class conflicts. There will be no restriction on your spring schedule.

Junior Independent Work: Class of 2021