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* Resources for Economists is a gold mine of links to data, journals, departments, discussion groups and more

* The various columnists (Alan Krueger, Hal Varian, Robert H. Frank, Virginia Postrel and David Leonhardt) of the “Economic Scene” column can be accessed by going to:

* Or go the The New York Times search page: key in <“Economic Scene:”>.

* Paul Krugman’s “Reckonings” columns can be found at the same New York Times search page:; type in <“Reckonings by Paul Krugman”>.

The last few Reckonings columns are available at:

Other Krugman writings for Slate Magazine and Fortune elsewhere can be found at:

See also for more.

* Steve Landsburg’s “Everyday Economics” column in Slate is archived at:

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* The Milken Institute Review: A Journal of Economic Policy
Nice synopses of current literature by Peter Passell and accessible articles with pretty good references:

VOX: Research-based policy analysis and commentary regarding current economic events from leading economists.

Vox EU:

* National Bureau of Economic Research:
More technical literature: current working papers, empirically oriented, full-text searchable by keyword, etc.

* JSTOR has many professional journals, though they are available only through five years ago (in some cases more current):

* Try especially The Journal of Economic Perspectives:
For access to more recent articles: PU Library Web

* For network and demand externalities (read: Internet), try Nick Economides’s site:


Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarok
Andrew Samwick
Steve Levitt/Stephen Dubner, Freakonomics
Greg Mankiw
Dank Rodrik
Paul Krugman

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Bernard Saffran: Recommendation for Further Reading in Journal of Economic Perspectives (column appears in every issue of the journal)

Alternatively, search PU library catalog for Journal of Economic Perspectives

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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Federal Reserve Bank of New York