Early in the fall term each year, the undergraduate liaison committee, consisting of four juniors and four seniors, is elected by concentrators in the Department. The committee advises the Department on matters pertaining to curriculum, staffing, and requirements.

2017-18 Undergraduate Liaison Committee Members:

Class of 2018
Andrew Chung – awchung@princeton.edu

Francesco Fabozzi – fabozzi@princeton.edu

Ben Tso – benjamintso18@princeton.edu

Diego Vives – dvives@princeton.edu

Jenny Zhang – jennyzhang@princeton.edu

Class of 2019
Esteban Aguas – eaguas@princeton.edu

Misako Benso – mbenso@princeton.edu

Caroline Lippman – clippman@princeton.edu

Reed Melchionda – reedm@princeton.edu

Rebecca Sobel – rs23@princeton.edu