Early in the fall term each year, the undergraduate liaison committee, consisting of four juniors and four seniors, is elected by concentrators in the Department. The committee advises the Department on matters pertaining to curriculum, staffing, and requirements.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Economics undergraduate liaison committee is to voice and act upon concerns from the undergraduate student body with the Economics department, aiding departmental activities like declaration and the academic expo, to ensure that:

  1. All students, regardless of their experience or background, are able to successfully integrate into the department, working as their genuine selves and producing their best, honest work The committee understands students “working as their genuine selves” as being able to enter any space affiliated to the department and being able to act and pursue their academic interests without having to compromise any part or intersection of their identities (political, racial, economic, gender identity/expression, etc.)
  2. Students are encouraged and empowered to explore their own interests across the broad discipline of economics (behavioral, environmental, financial, health, historical, industrial, labor and public economics, etc.) and critically apply the skills they gain to answer real-world questions they find worthy
  3. Students are appropriately challenged academically through their course work, and are able to recognize their most relevant support systems from within the department (student liaisons, department heads, etc.)
  4. Exposure to resources from the department are maximized across the student body, particularly to those who are interested or directly involved with the department

2019-20 Undergraduate Liaison Committee Members:

Class of 2020

Jacob Berman – jb53@princeton.edu

Philip Cornell – pcornell@princeton.edu

Joe Ratliffe –Ratliffe@princeton.edu

Carlotta von Gierke – cvongierke@princeton.edu

Caton Yang – ccyang@princeton.edu

Class of 2021

Mark Agostinelli: markja@Princeton.EDU

Alyssa Lau: axlau@Princeton.EDU

Jack Edmondson: jacke@princeton.edu

Tilmann Herchenroder: tilmannh@princeton.edu