The Economics department only considers for pre-approval summer courses that can be substitutes for ECO 100 (intro microeconomics) and ECO 101 (intro macroeconomics). No other courses are considered. Moreover, we will only allow one pre-requisite course to be taken away from Princeton.

To consider a course, we need the full syllabus, including information about the textbook, week-by-week plan of topics and chapters, and the number of hours per week and the number of weeks of instruction. A short paragraph like that in our Undergraduate Announcement is not enough. The syllabus must be printed out and attached to the approval request form; we will not follow up web links. If the syllabus for the coming summer session is not yet available, we can give preliminary approval based on the syllabus for last year’s summer session, to be confirmed if the actual syllabus for this summer proves to be essentially equivalent. Note – a syllabus for an academic year semester course is not acceptable as presumptive evidence of what will be covered in a summer course; summer versions often cover less material and at a lower level than academic year courses.

For an intro micro course, indifference curve analysis, externalities and public goods are important topics; for macroeconomics simultaneous equilibrium in markets for goods and money, and long run growth are important topics. For both, coverage of international aspects is important. Summer courses often skip these topics or skimp on them for want of time, so check carefully in advance. The Statistics pre-requirement cannot be satisfied with summer courses taken after you have begun your studies at Princeton, except in unusual circumstances approved by the Departmental Representative, Professor Smita Brunnermeier (

For preapproval of mathematics summer courses, students should ask the Mathematics Dep. Rep., not the Economics Dep. Rep. What we need is their approval of a course as equivalent to MAT 175. Ask them to e-mail this certification to our undergraduate program manager, Christina Lipsky (

Covid-19 Update

1) The ECO department is offering free, credit bearing online courses for ECO 100 and ECO 101 in Summer 2020 to assist our students with financial or academic need. Please speak to your residential college Director of Studies if you would like to apply. The application deadline is May 13, 2020.

2) We can also per-approve one ECO 100 or ECO 101 equivalent online course offered by Yale, Harvard, or the University of Chicago for transfer credit in Summer 2020. Please submit a completed pre-approval form and syllabus to Prof. Smita Brunnermeier if you wish to take one of these summer course. Students who are considering online courses offered by other institutions must provide additional evidence that the course meets university requirements for number of lecture hours, assessment methods (not just multiple choice questions) etc. as specified on Page 1 of the pre-approval form. Make sure the syllabus refers to the online version of the course.