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On October 2, 2019, five Princeton Economics students presented their Junior Papers at the Griswold Center JIW Research Forum. Presenters included:

Nicholas Garvey ’20
Paper: A Cure for the China Syndrome? The Differential Effect of Chinese Import Exposure on the Wage Outcomes of Highly Unionized Regions in the U.S.

Isabella Haegg ’20
Paper: The Impact of Politécnicos on Students’ Educational Outcomes in the Dominican Republic

Nathaniel Hickok ’20
Paper: Socially Optimal Districting with Heterogeneous Partisans and Endogenous Party Platforms

Sean Howe ’20
Paper: Please Keep Off the Grass: Effects of Marijuana Legalization on Employment Outcomes in the U.S.

Cecilia Rojas ’20
Paper: The Effect of the Gender Wage Gap on Domestic Violence in Mexico

Madison Soukup ’20
Paper: Exposing the Cutting Season: An Examination of Female Genital Mutilation and its Impact on HIV Rates across Sub-Saharan Africa