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Monetary Economics

What explains the decline in r*? Rising income inequality versus demographic shifts

Atif MianLudwig StraubAmir Sufi
Labor Economics

Do Workers Bargain over Wages? A Test Using Dual Jobholders

Marta LachowskaAlexandre MasRaffaele SaggioStephen A. Woodbury

Dynamical Structure and Spectral Properties of Input-Output Networks

Ernest LiuAleh Tsyvinski

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Published Papers


September 2021

Economic Theory

Random Evolving Lotteries and Intrinsic Preference for Information

AER Papers and Proceedings

May 2021

Labor Economics

Nominal Wage Adjustments during the Pandemic Recession

John R. GrigsbyErik HurstAhu Yildirmaz Yulia Zhestkova

Quarterly Journal of Economics

June 2021


Taxation and Innovation in the 20th Century

Ufuk AkcigitJohn R. GrigsbyTom Nicholas Stefanie Stantcheva

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Endeavor Literary Press

August 2021


The Resilient Society

Princeton University Press


The Handbook of China’s Financial System

Marlene AmstadGuofeng SunWei Xiong

WW Norton

June 2020

Games of Strategy

Avinash K. DixitSusan SkeathDavid McAdams

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