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Children and Families

The Covid-19 Baby Bump: The Unexpected Increase in U.S. Fertility Rates in Response to the Pandemic

Martha J. BaileyJanet M. CurrieHannes Schwandt
Urban and Spatial Economics

Slavery and the British Industrial Revolution

Stephan HeblichStephen J. ReddingHans-Joachim Voth

When Can We Ignore Measurement Error in the Running Variable?

Yingying DongMichal Kolesár

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Published Papers

American Economic Review

October 2022

Valid t-Ratio Inference for IV

David LeeJustin McCraryMarcelo J. MoreiraJack Porter

Journal of Labor Economics

April 2022

Minimum Wages, Wages, and Price Pass-Through: The Case of McDonald’s Restaurants

Orley Ashenfelter Štěpán Jurajda

Journal of Political Economy

August 2022


Instrumental Variable Identification of Dynamic Variance Decompositions

Mikkel Plagborg-MollerChristian K. Wolf

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W. W. Norton & Company

January 2023

A Random Walk Down Wall Street: The Best Investment Guide That Money Can Buy (50th Anniversary Edition)

Princeton University Press

October 2022

A Monetary and Fiscal History of the United States, 1961–2021

Princeton University Press

April 2023

Financial Economics of Insurance

Motohiro YogoRalph S.J. Koijen

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