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Academic Programs

Allie Green and Kim Sarnoff will be presenting in person. Viewers may also attend via Zoom.

3rd year graduate students present for 30 minutes each.


“Gender and Inference about Ability” – Kim Sarnoff


“Quantifying Social Interactions” (Part 2) – Allie Green


America’s neighborhoods and public spaces are segregated along demographic and economic lines, but we know little about the preferences generating these patterns. This paper uses smartphone movement data to estimate individuals’ willingness to travel for social exposure to different groups within commercial venues. To distinguish these preferences from other demand shifters, we study direct trips from residences to venues that belong to chains with multiple locations offering similar services. The size and richness of the data allow us to estimate preferences that are non-monotone in the income and racial/ethnic shares of co-patrons, and we estimate heterogeneous, economically substantial preferences for social exposure.