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Academic Programs


Topics: Opportunities for undergraduates to get involved with academic research at Princeton, finding research assistantships, skills to succeed, tips on pursuing independent work, and pathways to publication.

  • Veronica Backer Peral, JRCPPF senior research specialist
  • Shirley Ren ’24, JRCPPF Undergraduate Associates co-chair
  • Gabriel Swagel ’20 *27, Princeton University graduate student
  • Moderated by: Adithya Sriram ’24, JRCPPF Undergraduate Associates co-director of outreach; and Abhi Vellore ’25, JRCPPF Undergraduate Associates co-director of communications advisor


Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy & Finance (JRCPPF) and Griswold Center for Economic Policy Studies (GCEPS)