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Academic Programs

Student Speakers

  • Khadijah Anwar ’22 Barriers to Women’s Absorption of the Benefits of Growing Telecom Subscriptions
  • Andrew Castleman ’22 The Effect of Gender and Race on Wage Spillover from Uber’s Entrance in United States Cities
  • Leland Domaratzky ’22 Halliburton II and its Impact on Litigation Trends of Securities Fraud Class Actions
  • Caren Ju ’22 General Employment Effects of Ban-the-Box and Certificate of Restoration Policies
  • Sophia Lewandrowski ’22 American Medical Malpractice Tort Law: The Effect of Variations in Caps on Attorney Contingency Fees on State Health Expenditures as a Proxy for Defensive Medicine
  • Emiri Morita ’22 Employment Impacts of the ARC’s POWER Initiative Grants in Coal Communities


  • Griswold Center for Economic Policy Studies (GCEPS)