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Student News September 15, 2022

Join the Griswold Center for the 2022 Junior Independent Work (JIW) Research Forum

It’s that time of year again! On Wednesday, September 28, the Griswold Center for Economic Policy Studies will host its annual Junior Independent Work (JIW) Research Forum.

Each year, Princeton Econ faculty members affiliated with the Griswold Center invite several rising seniors to present their Junior Papers to other members of the department. The forum is a great opportunity for rising juniors and other Economics majors to hear from their peers about the challenges and rewards of independent work.

JIW begins in the fall semester when students attend lectures and workshops and meet with their advisors to learn more about independent research. The work culminates in the writing of a Junior Paper in the Spring term. Students can learn more about the JIW process here.

This year’s forum will feature presentations by six members of the class of 2023.

Event Details

2022 JIW Forum Presenters

Asher Joy
“Is the Common Core at the Core of Educational Equity? Exploring the Effect of the Common Core State Standards on Race- and Income-Based Achievement Gaps”

JC Martinez
“The Political Implications of Corporate Philanthropy: Evidence from Pivotal Politics and Legislator Behavior on Environmental Issues”

Katherine McIntire
“The Effects of ESG and Environmental Practices on Corporate Financial Performance: An Analysis of S&P 500 Companies from 2007 to 2020”

Georgia Nabors
“Revisiting Mortgage Discrimination and Racial Redlining: An Analysis of HMDA Data Before, During, and After the Great Recession”

Jean Suttasunthorn
“The Effect of the 2015 Refugee Influx on Native Employment Rates in Germany: A Differences-in-Differences Analysis”

Shruti Venkat
“The Effect of Online Gambling Regulation on Cannabis and Alcohol Addiction Based on Region of Residence in Québec”

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