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Ph.D. Student News June 02, 2023

Macro-Finance Online Course

This summer, BCF Director Markus Brunnermeier is offering a three-week intensive online course for Ph.D. students in the fields of economics, finance, or related. The course aims to bring students to the frontier of modern continuous time modeling techniques at the intersection between macroeconomics, monetary economics, and (international) finance. Additionally, the course will develop and teach students advanced tools and includes a step-by-step solution procedure that can be applied to a variety of economic problems.

The course runs from June 27 to July 12, 2023. Students can watch the online lectures on their own schedule while participating in group review sessions. There will also be problem sets to solve and submit. 

Beyond the immense practical benefit of this course towards students’ learning and understanding, high-performing students are eligible to attend the immersive Princeton Initiative 2023 in Princeton from September 8-10. 

Interested students must be nominated by their Ph.D. advisor, who should email Markus and Center Manager Jessica Roethel as soon as possible.

Visit the Princeton Initiative site for more details, lecture notes, and course outline. 

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