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Alumni News April 17, 2023

Princeton Grads Rank at the Top Among Highest Finance Salaries

A recent article by the Wall Street Journal shares the latest ranking of universities based on the finance salaries of their graduates. The Burning Glass Institute compiled the ranking to discover if all other variables are the same, does the one’s university choice impact their earning potential?

Their findings show that graduates of Princeton University working in finance earn an annual salary premium of over $39,000 above the median B.A. graduate. Ranked against other private universities, Princeton sits in the top three with MIT and Harvard. 

According to these rankings, choosing a top university like Princeton can have major salary implications over one’s lifetime and career. Our finance students are rigorously prepared to excel in the most competitive industries and supported by Princeton’s distinguished alumni network and career services department every step of the way.

Read the full article in the Wall Street Journal.

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